Acting, or better telling a story, is the most ancient form of entertainment in the history of humanity. Since the beginning of society men had this specific need of hearing (and telling) stories. 

“Theatre” is the name that we gave to this activity, which has become part of our lives.

Being part of a big Broadway production with thousands of people waiting for you or playing in the small local theatre of your town, in the old gym just behind the church, the scary sense of pure fear is exactly the same. Checking the makeup for the last time, rethinking about the lines, breathing deeply in front of a mirror, looking at a face that is not completely their face, but neither the character’s face yet: every actor has his personal way of fighting the panic that assaults moments before going live on stage. 

This work focuses on Italian theatres, and more specifically on the different theatres in (and around) Rome. I photographed many productions, and I work closely with different kind of theatrical companies, meeting both professionals and amateurs, photographing actors, light technicians, directors, and set designers. What happens days (and sometimes seconds) before going on stage and fight the crowd? This images try to show what is usually hidden to the eyes public, what is “behind theatre”.

rapunzel palloncini photo by gabriele gelsi
stella egitto by gabriele gelsi
actor panic by gabriele gelsi
actors by gabriele gelsi
alessandro siani by gabriele gelsi
serpe in seno giulio cancelli by gabriele gelsi
i soldi non servono by gabriele gelsi
dadp by gabriele gelsi
nicola pistoia muratori by gabriele gelsi
light designer by gabriele gelsi
andrea giordana by gabriele gelsi
carlo buccirosso napoletani a broadway by gabriele gelsi