Art means
telling awful things
in the nicest
possible way 

in other words

Art means
pleasurably telling people
something they really don’t want to hear

Gabriele Gelsi’s work investigates the usual and the ordinary: his subjects are conventional places, objects, and people we can meet everywhere.

His photography shows a different perspective on a usual situation: the relationship between shapes, bodies, and spaces brings out the unexpected harmony present in everyday life, thus awakening amazement in the ordinary.

His images avoid any ornament, responding to the desire to show the essence of the subject without artifice, without distractions. Reality should not be hidden or transmuted but must be embellished: light and composition place a veil of wonder on the ordinary, renewing the gaze on what is usual.

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Contatti e Territori (Teatro Stabile Sloveno, Trieste, 2022)

Qui, Ora (Turbine House, Riverside Museum Reading, 2019)

Remotti di Carta (Macro Roma, 2016)

Scenes and Visions (CaffèRossetti, Trieste, 2013)

Il Padiglione delle meraviglie (Teatro Sala Umberto, Roma, 2011) 

Occhi di Scena (Hotel San Miniato, San Miniato, 2010)

Almost B/W (Spazio Morgana, Roma, 2009)