• New Photography work: Shifts
    Our self perception constantly changes and adapts, shifting from one form to another. This series […]
  • Paolo Villaggio and the Holy Bible
    There are some people that we recognise as our myths from the first moment we […]
  • Likes
    They asked me “why do you like this image? It looks so sad and desolated. […]
  • My LensCulture Entry
    This is my entry to the LensCulture Critics’ Choice 2020 Award: a picture of a […]
  • Collettivo Attori Riuniti
    In these days of uncertainty I sought refuge in digging into my archive, rediscovering and […]
  • My Saatchi Art Profile
    I am on Saatchi Art where you can choose different sized framed prints and canvases. […]
  • Qui, Ora Exhibition at the Turbine House
    My pictures will be on display from Wednesday 24th July at the Turbine House, a […]
  • A Day with Lindsay Kemp
    I met Lindsay Kemp for the first time in 2015. He was in Rome with […]
  • Lonely Planet
    My picture of the British Library got published on the Lonely Planet London Guide 2017.
  • The Masque
    Everyone wears a mask. All the time. Most of the time without even noticing. And […]
  • Macro Roma: Remotti di Carta
    I am honoured to have my portrait of Remo displayed in this extraordinary exhibition. From […]
  • Rephotography
    I have been so lucky to live in this fascinating building which appears in the […]
  • Pinhole
    An old, but not as old as it looks, pinhole photo I took. Nothing special, […]
  • Remo Remotti: Ageing is Cool
    I met Remo Remotti in 2010 in Rome. At that time I was primarily a […]
  • Photographing Theatre
    “It is really difficult to shoot in theatre, light is really poor” or “it’s not […]