Collettivo Attori Riuniti


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In these days of uncertainty I sought refuge in digging into my archive, rediscovering and reviewing some pictures from few years ago.

In Rome I worked with an inspiring group of people: Collettivo Attori Riuniti was a theatrical company, and I shot several of their productions. Here’s some (actually a lot of) images taken throughout the years and during different rehearsals. I am not based in Rome anymore, and this is my way of hugging everyone of them.

I also asked Paolo Civati, founder and director, to write few lines about the Collettivo.

Collettivo Attori Riuniti was a theatrical company and artistic community formed by a group of people with the shared need of exploring their creative experiences. It has been an outstanding experience of a decade, from 2005 to 2015, which then got lost in the sea of possibilities that each of us has sought. But, for a brief and intense period, the Collettivo has been our artistic family.

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